Thursday, April 1, 2010

Malaysian-LAH Campaign !!

Hi guys! Friends of mine from Segi College will be hosting
an event called Malaysian-LAH, to promote unity and harmony among Malaysians.

There will be no entry charge or anything like that,
just come and support!

Date : 3 April 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 11am – 6pm
Venue : e@Curve (formally known as Cineleisure)

Join in the fun as there will something fun for everyone of all interests.

- for shopaholics there will be a bazaar
Jazzabelle's not involved but do go and support the rest of the
blog shops that will be there selling their stuff :)

- for the food lovers there will be a food bazaar

- for the music lovers there will be performances by
Joe Flizzow, An Honest Mistake, Danell Lee, etc.

- a forum with speakers such as Sharifah Amani (Actress),
Jojo Struys (Celebrity), Andrew Netto (Comedian),
Pete Teoh (Award Winning Lyricist) and Irwan Abdul Rahman (Malay Mail Editor)

There will also be games, cheerleading, mob flash and so much more.
So don't miss out on it! :)

To find out more;

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Join the Event :

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