Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pretty in Bow; Hairbands

A selection of pretty bow hairbands.
For cocktails, glam rock, simple or casual,
each has a different style you can mix and match with your outfit :)

Design 1; RM 20
Beaded and zipper detail on this big bow.
The zipper detail adds a great touch if you are going
for the glam rock look.

Design 2; RM 18
This smaller beige beaded bow will look really cute
with a simple cocktail dress.

Design 3; RM 18
This bow is fully beaded. The beads sparkles a little
which look great in the night time as well.

Design 4; RM 18
A classic black bow design. Would look great with
cocktail or even casual.

Design 1; RM 20
Design 2; RM 18
Design 3; RM 18
Design 4; RM 18


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